Being a computer scientist by trade with an interest in art, it was only a matter of time until I discovered the possibilities of creating art with code. With code, I can quickly iterate on ideas and re-use components. Adding randomness to this process leads to a virtually infinite space of unpredictable outputs. Exploring and interacting with this space is an engaging step for finding new ideas and towards the final form of the work.
  • I work with WebGL shaders and explore SDFs
  • I watch Twin Peaks season 2
What tools do you use?
I work with plain JavaScript and the HTML Canvas API. Occasionally I use p5.js.
Do you have prints available?
Yes, I offer prints for (almost) all of my work. Just reach out and we'll make it work!
How is this site built?
This site is built from scratch using Gatsby + Tachyons CSS and deployed to Netlify. The font family is PT Mono.